Website Designs
Why do I need a website?

At Finley Designs we believe websites shouldn’t just be something you tell people about, but a marketing tool that tells people about you and your company.

Effective websites draw customers to your business, we design and develop websites that are user friendly, designed to match your companies styles and ethos and engage users into finding the information they need.



Website Structure
Can I say what style I want?

Absolutely, we are here to work with you on creating the website you want and the style that best suites your business, we help along the way with design ideas, styling and best practice for SEO to make sure your website gets maximum exposure.

The Style of your website should reflect your business in every way from style to user experience



Ecommerce Websites
So what sort of website can I have?

Finley Design offers websites based on a number of solutions, from single page, multipage, blogs, ecommerce or anything you can think of.

Using the latest industry software, Finley Designs can build sites based on Magento, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and other CMS solutions available to provide you with the website you need for your business.



Website SEO and Marketing
So how will people find my website?

We have been designing websites since 1996 and to be honest you pick up a lot of best practice and SEO tips in order to make sure every website has maximum exposure.

Of course along with your own in-house promotion of your website, it important to rank well in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our website designs contain the main elements to achieve high rankings in the key areas of your business and hopefully drive your site above your competitors.


Updating my own website
Do I have to pay to update content?

It’s up to you, if you want us to maintain and keep your website updated on a regular basis, no problem we are happy to quote for as much or as little as is required, or we can provide admin log in options allowing you to directly access the back office of your site and make changes or keep content updated.