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Get a professional sports club website design and solution for your team today.

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Works with any Sports Club

A complete web design solution combined with all the features you need to run your own sports club website.
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Data driven website solution

Control leagues standings, player stats, fixtures, results and even sponsorship data.
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Stunning design and Responsive

A website designed around your sports club and branding, with a fully responsive design for any device.


Keeping you fans up to date, our automated league tables keeps your Sports Club and your competitors league status fully up to date throughout the season

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Auto-calculate and sort by any column

Sort by one or multiple columns, with a priority setting for each column. Visitors can also click any of the columns to custom sort the table.

Highlight your home team in the table

Select a team to highlight in each league table, to make it easier to see where you team is in the standings. Shortened tables are centered around the highlighted team.

Head to head tiebreakers

In the event of a tie, your sports club website automatically compares and analyses match results between the teams to put them in order.

Build custom equations for your sport

Choose from the included presets, or build equations for any sport. The easy drag-and-drop interface allows you to create custom equations and display advanced statistics like streak, games back, and home/away records.


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Schedule Events

Venue information

Keep your players and staff informed and let them know where they need to be. Add venues to display an interactive Google map so they’ll know exactly how to get there.

Add a starting lineup

Select the players that will be playing in the event. The player order can be changed, and starting lineup can be displayed separately from substitutes.

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Display scores

Scoring timeline

Our sports club websites make it easy to keep track of each player’s performance during an event. Display these in a timeline with icons in your match report. All in your branded colours.

Detailed match stats

Get more insight by displaying a breakdown of each team’s statistics per event. An animated bar graph will show you the match stats.


Multiple layouts give you control over where and how to display events on your site

scoreboard - Sports Club & League Website design

Header scoreboard

Visually display multiple events in a horizontal layout across your website. As seen on websites such as the Sky Sports, BBC Sports and other sports websites, the header scoreboard layout is a signature design element to any professional sports website. Visitors can easily see the latest scores and check out your match reports.

event calendar - Sports Club & League Website design

Calendar layout

This familiar calendar layout is perfect for showing your visitors how soon the next event is. The current day is highlighted, and the dates with events can be clicked to view more details.

event list - Sports Club & League Website design

List layout

The list layout is compact and a good way to display lots of details without taking up too much space on your site. You can customize the columns so that it only shows the details you need.

event blocks - Sports Club & League Website design

Blocks layout

Event blocks can be placed side-by-side to display fixtures and results together. The kick-off time is automatically displayed for upcoming events, and results for past events that have results.

Promote your next match with an animated countdown

Ready to build the excitement to your next match? With an animated countdown clock let everyone know how long there’s is till your next match.
countdown - Sports Club & League Website design


Easily create visual and interactive knockout cup and tournament brackets.

sportspress pro tournament bracket - Sports Club & League Website design

Auto create events

Setup your future tournament and schedule matches from the first round. Select the dates, times and who’s playing who. The events are then created automatically.

Update results and the tournament updates too

Once you publish the tournament, your fans can see how your team is progressing through the bracket. Watch teams get eliminated from the knockout cup while winners move on the next round and make it to the finals!

Supports single & double elimination

The flexible tournament layout supports most bracket types. Add up to 64 teams in single elimination or 8 teams in double elimination, with separate brackets for losers and champions.

Show group stages

League tables can be inserted before the brackets, which is a great way to show how each team performed before qualifying into the main stage. Easily display multiple group stages or relevant match information all on one page.

Attract new sponsors by offering them advertising space on your website!

Register each sponsor by simply uploading a logo. Quickly add sponsors to your website in all the right places. You’ll be able to customize the size of sponsor logos, sort order, position, and the number of sponsors you’d like to display in the footer or header of your website. From your admin panel, you’ll be able to see which of your sponsors are getting the most clicks and impressions.


Give your players dynamic profiles with their own statistics.

Career stats updated automatically

Player statistics are automatically calculated from their performance in past events from any combination of season and league. Get an overview of their career by displaying total statistics.

Birthdays with calculated age

Birthdays can be added to player and staff records. Once added, each person’s age is automatically calculated and can be displayed on their profile.

The complete Sports Club website solution for only£1295

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A bespoke website design based on your sports club branding and colour scheme
Built using the worlds leading CMS system so you can easily upgrade and edit your own website
Complete setup of your current team players
Upload of new or current website content
Leading SEO architecture and coding, with ability for you enhance your search engine results
100% Satisfaction guarantee, means you get the perfect looking website
Only 50% deposit to commence, or take our 12 month payment option

Sports Club Website

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