Conversion strategies for Ecommerce Managers

With Christmas just round the corner, Its the perfect time to increase sales, so we have put together strategies for you to improve your conversions this Christmas.

Getting your web visitors to turn into buyers is always at the top of the list of objectives for any Ecommerce Manager or company. You might be surprised to learn the conversion rates currently sit around the 4% mark, even for some of the biggest online stores out there, so trying to achieve high conversion rates is going to be a challenge, but one we hope we can help you with.

Make your checkout simple

A high number of whats known as “abandon basket” issues are created by over complicated checkout processes, or too many things for customers to have to complete in order to just simply buy your products.

One of the key steps first is NEVER insist clients have to register to purchase, although in principle this might seem a good idea in order to collect data etc, but again this can only serve as another hurdle for customers to jump before simply buying. Offer guest or register checkout process, you will find this improves you potential basket abandonment, and remember even if they purchase as a guest, you still get all the customer details anyway.

Keep the page process simple, clean and easy to navigate, once added to the basket there is a simple process to follow, the client views the basket, click on place order, completes their own details and is taken to the payment page, simple clean and quick, try to avoid jumping from Billing address to delivery address pages, try and keep these on the same page for simple one page navigation.

Remember its been reported that 44% of UK shoppers have abandoned their purchase due to overly complex checkout process.

Complex Navigation

Of course you want to offer all things to all men, as they say, but you need to concentrate on the bigger picture and take a helicopter view of your product range and pages. With many sites using multiple categories and products sometimes we can lose track of what our customer sees, or we simply expect them to view very page and every product as we feel.

In practical senses this isn’t true, think supermarket strategy, you need to bring to the forefront the key elements you wish to push, believing that every web customer will browse as you think they will, tends to make you push to try and display every part of your website to every user, a simple more overall approach, creating a useful yet simple journey will mean customers get to the right product fast and conveniently.