Are you going over the top with Social Media

The biggest dilemma which faces most small and new businesses is the getting bogged down with the whole social media marketing with really little marketing strategy or understanding what is best or even what might work for your business.

Every business is different

The first mistake is getting the feeling that you have to be active and a part of every social media platform or you will lose out, when in reality you could end up doing your business more harm then good trying to keep up to date with every platform out there.

The key is to understand your audience, if you’re in Recruitment i’m not sure you are going to land your latest candidate on Facebook, or a Car garage promoting MOT’s, Pinterest is hardly your customer base, but many business fall into the on going trap that they need to be involved in every platform incase they miss out.

Understand your audience

By taking the time to taking a step back and really looking at your customer base, but more importantly look at how they interact with social media, a perfect example is to take the Beauty Therapist, so what’s the best social platform?, well first on the list should be Facebook, and why? well your customers are the sort of customers that will promote not only you, but your results, how many times have you seen Facebook posts regarding the latest nail style or bragging on the latest facial they just got, it’s female marketing and it’s a perfect platform for that type of industry to tap into.

And if you want to make a major splash on marketing on Facebook, start a Like campaign, simply offer a FREE treatment in return for likes and watch the Facebook likes go through the roof, its a sure way to get thing really moving in your social media.

Narrow down your platforms

Once you have really managed to understand your customers it’s time to start choosing your platforms and don’t forget it’s actually ok to not use every platform out there, if you’re an engineering company, are you really going to find potential clients on Facebook or Pinterest.

Narrow things down to your core audience and keep things simple, otherwise you will end up spending more time on social media then your business.