Google Panda hits the UK

So there has been no end of comments on Google’s Panda hitting the UK, and I think we can all agree it’s here, but don’t panic there is plenty you can do if you feel you have been effected.

Firstly – don’t start pointing the finger and accusing Google of everything you can think of, step back and have a look at your own website, whats compelling? what’s unique? what do you offer over and above every other website out there thats in your industry.

We can spend the rest of our lives trying to work out Googles algorithm, but I have better idea! simply take off your web developer/designer hat and see it from your customers point of view.

E-commerce sites take a big hit from Panda

And so should most of them, I have run successful ecommerce sites now for over 8 years, but recently this whole panda debate became quite obvious when I looked further into my own site and that of a now Panda winning competitor and noticed quite a trend.

Unique content – Think to yourself, how many times have you looked through the web looking to buy the latest gadget or product, only to find the first 6 sites you come across all list the same manufacturer spec and so on, then every now and then you’ll come across a site which has that extra little bit of pitch, those features and benefits that draws you in to thinking, ah now I get why this is so good, or why this button does this etc

I’m sure many of you if you think about it have, you will catch youself looking at reviews and reading what real people say, you’ll also find your self following a rather bizarre human trate, where if a product doesn’t have 5 stars or 10 star rating it doesn’t actually matter, but you find your self starting at zero and working up and still buying a product with only say 7 star rating, but your confidence has been bought by the unique and compelling reviews actual users have placed. Now compare this to picking up a magazine like What Car or What Hifi etc, and could you honestly feel comfortable buying a product that has only 4 stars, you start asking why doesn’t it have 5 and so on.

So basically stop trying to blame Google, I feel they are getting it right, I appreciate there will be some unjustified casualties, but one of the major elements to all this you must remember is, Google is FREE, don’t rely upon it as your only source of marketing or revenue stream, of course get involved and follow Googles results closely, but DON’T write websites for search engines, if a search engine could be minipulated then it would be out of business over night.