Magento Go and Prostores to close

So the inevitable is going to happen, Ebay owned Magento will be closing Magento Go and Prostores come 1st February 2015 leaving thousands of small to medium sized companies looking for options. When it was announced back in 2011 Ebay had acquired Magento, we all kind of saw what was on the cards, I suppose it comes from that old business saying, if you can’t beat them, buy them! and now Ebay had taken the decision to close this aspect of the business down.

So what can Ecommerce clients do, well we took the descision some time ago to avoid Magento as a platform, don’t get me wrong it’s very powerful in the right hands, however more and more small businesses were falling foul to think that if they invested thousands into this platform that they would be just like the big boys.

Instead we focused on delivering Ecommerce website solutions which were not only easy for our clients to control but also had so many built in and optional features that it stood side by side to Magento without having to mortgage to costs.

Also don’t despair, as moving from Magento Go to our Ecommerce platform is simple, get in touch now before its too late