SEO Technique examples

Many companies can claim to provide SEO, but can they actually provide results?, we don’t make claims that we can’t back up.

We do things differently, we build websites that work!!, our SEO techniques have been generating 1st page results in Google for years, and all our websites come with our unique style of SEO integration to make sure your company can be easily be found and generate you more income and leads, but don’t take our word for it, see our SEO examples below

Escape Tanning and Beauty

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[one_half_last] A beauty Salon in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, dealing with top brands like Dermalogica, Flabelos, Minx Nail, Shellac and Sienna-X spray tanning

See how our work resulted –


The above is just a small example of our outstanding SEO results that can be achieved and we adopt the same strategy across all our websites.

Every time we are asked to build a website our team works on the relevant industry and market, its key to know thats its not all about traffic numbers, you could be selling hats, but if you have a million hits a month for searches relating to hair, you are not going to sell many.

We are about quality and qualified leads, the traffic to your site will be relevant to your business and therefore provide thousands of pre-qualified leads and potential business.