Why update a website

Updating your website, could be the biggest thing your company can do to beat the economic downturn and stay ahead of your competition.

The web moves at incredible speed, and websites can date very quickly ending up bringing your companies image down with it.

Our top 5 reasons to update your website

1. Image = trust

Have you ever heard of people that have been unfortunate enough to be swindled out of money from a website, almost all always report the same findings “the website looked professional”. Now although this is very unfortunate, it displays just how much emphasis consumers put on web design as a reason to making a purchase.

2. First place they look

Have you seen the size of yellow pages recently, it’s tiny, why? Because people always search the web over and above any printed marketing, your site needs to have the wow factor to keep them there

3. The 8 second test

Did you know, on average a customer arriving at your site will give you 8 seconds of their time, does your site have the appeal to keep their attention, if not, then they are going to be going to one of your competitors, and how many of these customers going elsewhere can any business survive

4. Customer confusion

One of the biggest frustrations web users experience is poor site navigation, to many companies fall in to the trap of poor navigation, just because you might know where content is on your site, can your customers find it?

5. Start being found!

Bringing your site up to date and changing platforms can be one of the best moves you make, it’s true that although Google doesn’t care what software your using, our tried and tested site designs and SEO optimisation methods have continued to prove sites that actually work gaining page 1 results over and over again